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At The School Choice, we understand that you want to find the best school for your child, and that you need a better way to evaluate your options and find the school that most aligns with your values and priorities.



But how do you navigate through the overwhelming information with no clear way to figure out what’s true and how to make the best decision? That's confusing and a bit scary.


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If you're willing to invest some time and effort to expand your search, we promise you will find more options than you realize are available. You know more about your child than anyone else, and we know schools along with how to guide you to make the best decision.


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We get it! It's hard to know what's best for your child because it's an emotional decision that impacts his or her future. That’s why we combined our decades of expertise in school leadership with our personal experience as parents and grandparents to create a profile to guide your school choice.



Here’s how we do it

Build Your School Choice Profile

Based on Your Specific Needs and Goals


Identify Your School Choice Options

In Light of Your


Make the Right Choice for your Child

With Expert Guidance on How to Evaluate your Options


So, Choose Fearlessly with The School Choice Profile.

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If you want an easier, more informed way to choose the best school for your student, this is the place for you. It’s Your Choice--and it’s one of the Most Important Decisions you will make as a parent: Who will educate your child?

Make a Fearless Choice with Confidence!


Without a profile and clear direction, you might end up guessing with this decision. That can lead to

Avoid the Nightmares 😳
Avoid the chaos 🙃
Uncertainty and doubt
Don't Roll the Dice 👀
Gambling with a life decision
The School Choice

We’ll help you:

Take Control of Your Child’s Education

Make an Informed, Confident School Choice

Gain Joy and Peace of Mind

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Using our extensive experience and expertise in education and child development, we created The School Choice Profile to guide your research and decision. Tammy, Scott, and the team have served in education leadership and consulting since 1997, giving them an insiders view of how schools work and how to choose the best place for each child.


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